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APR 07/2022

5 Reasons You'll Love Slani Jewellery

Here at Slani Jewellery, we care about a lot of things (glam, growth and goals), but there are 5 things that we stand by as a brand, too.

01 Being Friendly to Sensitive Skin

Slani Jewellery was created specifically for sensitive skin. 

Our products are lead and nickel free and highly gold-plated or gold-filled. The base materials for our earrings are also made out of sterling silver. Our founder and some of our staff have sensitive skin and Slani pieces have been the best for it! 

02 Being Ethical

Our products are made by mostly (80%) female artisans, with above-average employee benefits. 

Workers are the backbone of our business and we love that we can provide them opportunities to access quality worksupport themselvesnurture their families, and have a degree of financial freedom

03 Being Sustainable

Beauty is inside out. It’s not just about accessories that make you look beautiful but having a beautiful product journey from start to end.

Production: To begin with, our products are made from recycled materials that help reduce waste in the environment. Quality is, of course, never compromised. 

Packaging: Conscious that fashion is one of the biggest contributors to needless packaging and waste, we pack your orders with environmentally-friendly biodegradable bags made out of corn starch, reusable linen bags, or recyclable gift boxes.

From start to finish, we are mindful that we are doing our part in taking care of the environment.

When you buy from us, you are partnering with us as we do so, too. ❤️

04 Being Affordable but still, High Quality

Retaining quality and being a sustainable business, frankly, isn’t cheap. 

While we care about our staff, we also care about our customers. Life is hard and we don’t need to make it harder. Affordability and quality helps create beautiful Slani girls

05 Being Responsive 

We love our customers! We want to help and be here in the best way we can. Even though things can get busy and crazy as a small business, we’ll always try our best in responding to our customers.

We read messages from all of our social media inboxes, emails and shop messages, so come reach out to us!
Don’t be afraid to message us to show off your package, hit us with any questions, seek our help in buying the right gift, or give us critical feedback. We’re all ears 👂.

Connect with us on Instagram at @slanistore

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