Hi, My name is Mia and I’m the owner of Slani Store. I’m originally from a small place in Norway called Fredrikstad. 

One of my interests has always been travelling and so that’s how I ended up where I am now in Sydney, Australia! Slani was born out of my own frustration of not being able to find quality items which were kind to my skin and yet affordable. 

During my teenage years, I've always loved wearing rings, earrings and all types of bling! Sadly I eventually developed very sensitive skin and had to stop wearing jewellery all together. I felt like I lost a lot of my personal style and became the most boringly dressed person in the room. 

My belief is that it is the details which make an outfit work. At the time though I couldn’t find any well made jewellery that was affordable. Several years later, I was playing with the idea of starting a brand which was both affordable and yet high quality.

At the time however I wasn’t brave enough to back myself and take the first step towards achieving my dream. It wasn’t until I found myself in a position where I was deeply unhappy with my 9-5 job before I found the courage to act. When I realised that the prospect of being unhappy was worse than the idea of failing, I took action.

I quit on the same day and that pushed me head first into my dream and my vision of building Slani. We are currently a small business, but we are growing both locally and online a lot faster than we expected! For that we have our family and friends of Slani to thank!

For us is it always going to be about more than just jewellery. We love what we are doing. We believe we can do something great and we want Slani to be a positive, inspirational community. Our journey has just started but we look to the future with enthusiasm and excitement for what's to come! 

 We hope you’ll join us!

Mia De Libasic
Director/Authorised representative/Owner of business