The easiest way to find your ring size. With this set, you can double-check your ring size to be sure you're purchasing the right ring size for you. At House Of Slani, we go by the US ring size chart.

There are several free mobile apps available that can help you measure your ring size. These apps typically use your smartphone's camera to measure the circumference of your finger and provide an estimated ring size. Keep in mind that the accuracy of these apps can vary, so it's a good idea to use multiple methods to confirm your size. Here are a couple of popular options:


Ring Sizer by Merchants:
  • Accurately measure your ring size with this user-friendly app.
  • Step-by-step guidance for obtaining precise measurements using your smartphone's camera.
  • Get personalised ring size recommendations for a perfect fit.


Ring Sizer: Finger Size Finder App:
  • Explore accurate ring size measurements with this user-friendly app.
  • Effortlessly find your ideal ring size using the innovative finger size finder feature.
  • Receive reliable ring size recommendations tailored to your unique measurements.


    Ring Size Finder App: 
    • Discover your precise ring size using the intuitive features of this app.
    • Utilize the ring size finder function to determine the ideal fit for your chosen ring.
    • Experience convenience and accuracy in measuring your finger size for a comfortable ring.


    Remember that while these apps can be convenient, they may not be as accurate as traditional measurement methods using tools like rulers or threads. If you have access to a jeweller or a professional ring sizing service, that would still be the most accurate way to determine your ring size.


    Visit a Jewellery Store:
    • If possible, visit a local jewellery store where professionals can measure your ring size accurately using specialised tools.