Slani AW

FEB 04/2022

6 things you can do to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day again! 

But for you, it might feel like you’re only third wheeling on the streets that day. Honey - No. Valentine’s Day is not a day to sulk over the fact that you’re single. In fact, let me tell you: being single is one of the best periods of your life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and give you the incentive to waste away this golden single era. Instead, you should make the best of it. 

When I was younger, I always dreamed of dating someone. Then when I started dating, I slowly began to realise that I had more time doing what I love when I was single. Like all things, there’s good and bad of being *single* or *in a relationship*. 

Singleness is truly the time to build yourself, train yourself, grow yourself, enhance yourself, upskill yourself, and challenge yourself. And sometimes, it’s the best time to care for yourself.  Valentine’s Day may be a day for lovers, but don’t you love yourself too? 

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    Give Your Body A Treat

    What our body feels can affect our mood, just like our mood can affect our physical health. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a treat by going on a spa day, getting a massage, or sleeping through a facial. Or, challenge yourself with some hardcore HIITs and muscle training. Either way, you’re loving your body. 

    You’ll finish refreshed and loving that you took care of yourself more.

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    Enhance Your Assets

    Hook yourself up with a mani pedi appointment, maybe some lash extensions (a personal favourite!), or the popular brow lamination service. Sometimes we just want to look exceptionallyyyyy glam. Go on, be your top fan.

  • 03

    Dress Up

    At Slani we don’t dress to impress. We dress to reflect the confidence and personality within. Valentine’s Day is another good day to dress up, IMO. It shows that we are not defined by our relationship status, but that there is more to us. 


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    Adorn, Adorn, Adorn!

    You know we have to go a little extra here. Dressing up is not enough for us, especially on such a special day. Adorning ourselves with tiny little details speaks volumes about who we are. The secrets are in the details! I never go out the house without jewellery, because it’s the tiny things that set me apart from everybody else. It’s my **statement piece!** 

    I love the Aria Hoops - so lightweight, simple, and loud! My birthstone necklace (September), and the Vera Ring - something shiny when you wave, point, or do anything with your hands.

  • 05

    Spoil Your Taste Buds

    What’s a special day without special food? And frankly, one of the top ways to take care of ourselves is to feed ourselves some nourishing, delicious, and healthy food. Treat yourself to a dinner out or better yet — grab all the fresh produce and whip up a meal that your taste buds will thank you for. 

  • 06

    Tag Your Bestie

    Yes! Get your bestie to tag along while you go out and about! Plan a trip, do something out of the ordinary, or simply just keep each other company.