Slani AW

MAR 28/2022

Your Mardi Gras

Accessories Guide

Mardi Gras is the BEST EXCUSE to go all out as celebrations of love, inclusivity, and diversity! It’s where all are accepted and none rejected, so come as in you are with your bling bling! Read on below for 5 tips on how our Mardi Gras accessory guide 👇

01 Colour-fy

If you’ve gone to Mardi Gras without colourS, did you really go? Our newest Edel Birthstone Collection is the most colourful collection to date, and it’ll make your neck pop!

Plus, you get to personalise! Pick your unique birthstone or (shh) pick any colour that won your heart.

02 Stack It Up

Simplicity has no place at Mardi Gras, we’re sure you know this! One of the best ways to stand out, shine bright, and let everyone know how extra you are is to layer your jewellery. 

You’ve come to the right place! At Slani, layering lovers will find their family. All of our accessories are layer friendly.

For your neck, layer at least 3 necklaces, such as the Serpent Snake Chain, the Figaro Chain, and the Luna Coin Necklace

03 Go Big

Celebrate your lungs out, but make sure your outfit will scream for attention too. Mardi Gras is all about STATEMENT

Consider dropping your dainty babies for a day and opt for the classy & loud Aria Hoops. You’ll turn heads for sure. Plus, they go with almost every outfit.

For chunky lovers, get the Fleur Hoops (my favourite). Stylist and elegant and a statement, they’ll go with your shiny outfit.

04 Put on All the Shimmer

Needless to say, if Mardi Gras isn’t colourful, it’s full of sparkles. It’s not enough for your outfit to shine bright, let all accessorise-able body parts be glimmer!

For earrings, go for a full stack of anything with crystals. Some of our Slani favourites to go together are the Tia Hoops, Sofia Charm Hoops, and Mon Hoops (You can’t get more sparkly than that).

For lovelies with only one piercing, our Millie Cuff will save the day 

05 Smile

Okay - this doesn’t make you extra. But, SMILE! Frankly, that’s the most natural and beautiful accessory you’ll ever have!

Smile, you’re beautiful.